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Photographing a wedding is a huge responsibility  but also great fun when you are lucky enough to join Matt and Lilli for their wedding in Huntingdon. Having met the couple and done a pre wedding shoot it was likely to be both fun and relaxed on the wedding day.

Not your usual images posted but some of my favourite images from the day are those fun relaxed moments that I am always on the lookout for and to me help to sum up the day and almost always involve the kids. Having been dressed up and constantly told not to get dirty or mess up their hair or don’t spill drinks on their dresses and almost wrapped up in cotton wool until after the ceremony and the “official” pictures they can then revert back to running around and enjoying themselves.

Here are a few of those relaxed moments that appeal to me and hopefully those that attended the day.

The Grand Fen Fair

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The first Grand Fen Fair at Ramsey took place on Sunday with all profits going to Magpas. I was there to get some images that could help the charity Magpas to promote its essential work and those helping to raise funds for them. With such lovely sunny weather it was great to be there and chat with lots of those involved. With the Mayor of Ramsey chatting with the representatives of Magpas at their stand (as well as the other stall holders) he was obviously very knowledgeable of Magpas and its work and happy to be photographed at the Magpas Stand.

Here are a very small number of images from the day and hopefully this event will become a regular feature in Ramsey. If you or anyone you know are looking to volunteer for a worthwhile charity or are organising a fundraising event then please consider Magpas

The Little Marketing Company

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A lot of my work involves working with small to medium size businesses to get the images they need to help brand themselves or they decide they need to rebrand or update the staff images. Unfortunatly some still believe that a screen shot or a selfie will do. The more progressive know that the way we present our business is crucial and professional imagery is essential for that. I talk about their business and clothing and location details before I ever pick up a camera.

Many business people now meet clients or prospective clients at a nice coffee shop or one of the many business centres that are dotted around the region. This is almost like neutral ground for both and if their business is run from a spare room in their house then a location session is better and many do nice coffee too which is always a big plus.

Natalie with her business name of “The Little Marketing Company ” based locally often meets clients on location as it helps them relax ( not to mention the good coffee ) so when we were looking for a location to do the shoot the Allia Centre in Peterborough seemed ideal and as I wasnt setting up big studio lights or have a big crew they were happy for us to use their impressive building. Another big plus was lots of free parking and the aforementioned good coffee.

Here are a few selected images from the day which only took just over an hour and a half including the drinking of the coffee!!!

Bevan and Daves Bike Show Chatteris

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Great to spend some time at this years bike show in aid of Magpas at Chatteris Conservative Club. Lovely selection of bikes of all types as well as music with of course the customary BBQ. The sun came out in force to encourage those who wanted a cold beer or two or three !!! With people of all ages enjoying themselves this is always a must visit every year and all profits going to my number one local charity Magpas. Here are just a few of the images taken which hopefully shows this great event and some of the people involved

Pre wedding portrait session

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I love doing pre wedding portrait sessions which are sometimes also called engagement sessions. Many of the couples whos weddings I photograph have been engaged for a number of years as with this couple. I chat with the couple but to be honest its often more with the bride to be and find out what are their interests outside of the wedding planning. This fun couple love rock concerts and I suggested a portrait session which was going to be totally different in look to the upcoming classic wedding. Relaxed clothes in jeans and leather jacket at a very grimy location after Lili had had her wedding hair trail meant a Sunday session in very bright sunshine. All done in about an hour we all had fun and although I had some ideas planned it was also a case of the couple suggesting ideas too. This sort of session could have also have been a general portrait session but I am looking forward to comparing these images to the wedding ones.

Supporting local charities and organisations.

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Having photographed for international charities around the world. I now generally stay more local with my support. I believe that one of the most important in the way they save lives is Magpas. I do photograph some of the fundraising events that are put on to support them and occasionally will be photographing for a client and find that I see the bright orange Tshirts and smiling faces on a Magpas stand promoting their work. Although the work they do is literally deadly serious the people manning the stands are anything but serious. Full of joy I often get hugz and they do chat 20 to the dozen as we used to say in Wales. This happened when I was at Wood Green doing some photography for the Hunts Post newspaper. Couldnt resist taking a couple of pics of the two ladies as I also pinched a sweet out of their dish.

There are a number of events comming up over the following months so please feel free to donate some money, if you are a business looking to sponsor a charity please consider Magpas and if you have time to volunteer then they would love to hear from you. I can assure you that it will be fun.

First Outing

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My first proper outing with my new Nikon D810  was St Georges Fayre in the local town of March. Myself and Ed Bray a local and very talented videographer who I have worked with a lot were booked for specific areas of the event all based on the Market Place. I had practiced with the camera beforehand as needed to feel confident using it and accessing the controls without thinking. The bright sunny day meant lots of contrasty light to deal with which was an ideal test for me with the 24-70mm lens. I had the 70-300mm lens on one of my D700s for the longer shots.

It was great comparing the images from both cameras back in the office with the files being 3X bigger on the new camera. Whist there I also did some images for 20Twenty a great organisations that helps some talented local youngsters fulfil their potential.


Enjoy some of the images taken on a bright hot day as I sit here with the rain lashing down.


New Camera

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Moving away from covering so many equestrian events to concentrate on the many company branding. Studio Portraits and Wedding bookings meant that I thought it time to upgrade one of my cameras. I still think that the D700s that I have used for a number of years is one of the best digital cameras that Nikon have made as its taken all the abuse that I and the British weather has thrown at it with the only real maintenance I have give them is a quick wipe over with a damp cloth.

I have never chased the newest and brightest thing on the market as my equipment has to earn its keep and be dependable so with the new D850 coming out although tempting I decided to go for the D810 with a vertical grip which I have to have as its great for portrait images and gives me the bigger grip for hands.

Tidying my equipment cupboard meant I also found these old compact flash cards which in their day of using my first proper digital camera the D100 were plenty big enough. That was only a 6mp camera and now the D810 with 36mp means that I don’t think I will be using them again!!!.

Flower Power

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Usually the only flowers I photograph are at weddings and with most of my photography involving people its only product shots for businesses that involve lots of still life setups. Add to that my abject lack of gardening skills which boils down to cutting the grass and a couple of times a year having the shrubs and bushes given a severe haircut then photographing some tulips yesterday was unusual to say the least. One of the things I noticed was that all the purple flowers opened long before the other colours. Any one out there know if thats because of the colour or is it because those were older? I am sure someone out there will have a sensible answer but knowing a lot of my friends I am not expecting to much in the sensible category !!!


Fun in the Studio

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I always love working with other creatives so when I was asked to help a talented young artist to provide some images for her to work from or her A level course. Having worked with her a lot in the past as well as regularly going into the local college to speak to and work with their photography students I was interested to hear the subject which was sort of loose as crazy friendship. Here are a few pics from the day which I hope gives an idea of the fun had by all.




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